Web page history

2001.05.16    Fabrication of the first web pages
2002.02.24Refurbish web page, CSS, some tidy-ups
2003.12.08Scrapped up some info on UDMA under NetWare
2003.12.15Scrapped up some info on NetWare hotfix, mirror and volume table
2004.03.31Info on how to send mails from the NetWare console, with some useful usage tips and samples
2004.06.07Info on how to use nprinter on Windows 2000 and Windows XP
2004.06.07Info on how to RPL boot diskless workstations on linux using rpld (+mars_nwe)
2004.07.17Info on how to (and why) send mails from a Windows machine, with useful tips and samples
2004.07.26Created realdate.com information page
2005.05.03Published article on disabling disk verify on ServerMagic for NetWare 4.0
2006.01.17Created hosting page for patched asgardsrelam's firewall
2006.11.29localized/localizable Mailman/MHonArc templates
2007.03.29Remote Access Wrapper and Logger
2010.04.27SUPERVISOR password reset on NetWare 3.x

Pages occasionally get updated too, above dates show the creation date only.

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