Jamin W. Collins's [asgardsrealm] firewall script - patched.

Here you can download the patched version (v0.93) of Jamin W. Collins's firewall (v0.85) script.
This is an excerpt from the history file to list recent changes:

    Firewall Script History
    Author:     Jamin W. Collins
    Web Site:   http://www.asgardsrealm.net/linux/firewall
    E-Mail:     [removed not to support spambots, see history in tar.gz file]

    0.93 - 2011.06.27
    - changed NAT/DROP [invalid] rules to FILTER/DROP

    0.92 - 2010.08.27
    - Added INIT INFO
    - removed some extra spaces

    0.91 - 9/06/05
    - Following patches applied by Gabor Funk [funk.gabor@hunetkft.hu]
       - patch: Jacob S - "trusted connection" patch [version 0.90-p1]
                Sat, 08 Jan 2005 14:54:42 -0800
       - patch: Pete Barnwell "A Few To-DOs" (check_system routines)
                Sat, 04 Oct 2003 17:59:39 -0700
Please note that I'm not willing to be an official maintainer of the code or alike, but I provide download space for anyone voluntarily helping in this, eg. creates patches or deb/rpm packages, etc.

Comments, suggestion, flame, praise to:
version / modifiedDescription
v1.00 - 2006.01.13First version (web publish)
v1.01 - 2010.08.27Minor updates to v0.92
v1.02 - 2011.08.12Minor updates to v0.93

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