How to send email (even with attachments) from a Windows machine.

What to use it for? Ideas:

1) Send message about customer's server startup to some administrative address. For example, to a mobile.
Schedule a batch file like the next one to run at startup.

rem ### Send mail at startup via MAPI profile (Exchange)
echo.=================================================== >>c:\startup.log
c:\util\realdate >>c:\startup.log
c:\util\mapisend -u "Simpson, Bart" -p BartsPassword -r to@domain.tld -s FileServer_Started -v >>c:\startup.log


rem ### Send mail at startup via SMTP server
echo.=================================================== >>c:\startup.log
c:\util\realdate >>c:\startup.log
c:\util\bmail -s mysmtpserver.domain.tld -t to@domain.tld -f from@domain.tld -h -a FileServer_Started -d >>c:\startup.log

Download a variablized and customizable script for startup mailing here.
Don't forget to download the necessary utilities too:
- to provide real (CMOS) date/time (in YYYY.MM.DD hh:mm:ss format) in one line.
- mapisend.exe from exchange resource kit. Alternative download:
- bmail.exe (homepage with instructions:

2) Send regular messages about customer's server health, for example mirror status.

3) Instead of mirror status only, you can send full server information by using and attaching Everest's CSV output for example.

4) Send automatic backup reports
    - for NTBACKUP - (visual sample of processed NTBACKUP logs)
- for ARCserve for NT and TapeWare - (visual sample of processed ARCserve NT and TapeWare logs)
These scripts use the FAR (Find And Replace) utility, make sure to download it as well.

Related page: Automatic mail sending on NetWare.

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