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What is RAWL?

RAWL stands for Remote Access Wrapper and Logger. Basically it "wraps" several remote administration utility and logs their start time and duration, along with user comments.

I frequently administer remote systems, with different methods, such as UltraVNC, pcAnywhere, Remote Desktop, Putty and RconIP, to just mention a few.
Since my day is scattered with these little tasks, and sometimes I need to know what task was done, and most importantly how long did it take to show (or even invoice) my time to the customer
Since there is no logging possibilites in the above mentioned products, and even if there would be, probably wouldn't be the same format, and would need to do something to combine them to a "general", all-in-one log, I had no other choice, but to write one.
Since it was meant to be windows based, and a requirement for not to install other things (perl, kix, etc.), vbscript was the "winner" language of choice.
First I planned to have a menu, but then I realized that it is not possible to have in VBS, and also a standard shortcut with the required parameters would be fine and maybe the most convenient to manage.

So, the script needs 2 arguments at least, for example a vnc shortcut can look like this:
wscript rawl.vbs vnc
where is obviously the IP address (hostname) and "vnc" is the type.
Types currently supported:
vnc - UltraVNC
rdp - Remote Desktop
pcaw - pcAnywhere
putty - putty
rconip - RconIP [for NetWare]
notepad - launch and log notepad.exe start/stop
iexplore - launch and log an Internet Explorer start/stop

You can pass other options after the required two, such as port, username, password (Though I do not recommend to store passwords in a link...) for example:
vnc: /password MyPassword
putty: -P port -l LoginName -pw MyPassword (LoginName can be also specified at hostname as: Loginname@hostname)

Paths for the applications - taken from the code:
exeVNC="C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\vncviewer"
exePCAW="awrem32.exe ""Network, Cable, DSL.chf"""
exePutty="C:\Program Files\Putty\Putty.exe"
exeRconip="C:\Program Files\RconIP\RconIP.exe"
exeIExplore="C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

PCAnyWare is not making our life easier with this "forced" chf [residing in different directory than the exe] usage. Might need to edit accouring to your local locations. More info here.
Since Putty and RConIP for NetWare are "just tools", with no installation troubles and conveniences, so you would have to manually copy them to "C:\Program Files" or change directory here in the variables.

- logs application start date/time (ISO/"normal" format), length of session, servername, method, comment at launch, comment at finish. Sample log entry:
2007.03.29 11:29:48 0:13:41 putty "dns restart" "ok"
Actually there are tabs between the entries and comments are not "quoted".
- if a session gets broken "hard" in the middle (like: power failure at the client), a .tmp file which is created at the start gets read at the next start of rawl, and it will ask for estimated time spent with the session and finish comment, then log it normally.

- not handling empty hh:mm at input, if .tmp is to be finished
- launching symantec pcAnywhere is problematic, as there are different versions of pcAnywhere, and also if it is not launched "the way it wants", it displays a window with: "fixme", application launches, but clicking on that windows will close it...

- mail, webping
- 3rd ID field to more precisely define customer/cost center
- rdp password:
- internationalization/language files
If you're feel like you can contribute to the developement, please let me know!

Comments, questions, suggestions on this page or on the program itself, to:

version - note...
v1.00 - 2007.03.29 First version - rawl v0.12
v1.01 - 2007.05.06 minor text modifications

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