Where in the code is Carmen Sandiego? Eeer..., where is that damn 1E device scan limit - for the technically triggered ones...

For NetWare 4.x:
unpacked NBI.NLM (Version 2.25, 1998 September 17), unpacked size: 60513
009037: 56                           push      esi
009038: 68F80C0000                   push      000000CF8
00903D: 6A00                         push      000
00903F: E84994FFFF                   call      00000248D
009044: 83C40C                       add       esp,00C
009047: 68FE0C0000                   push      000000CFE
00904C: 6A00                         push      000
00904E: E8AF92FFFF                   call      000002302
009053: 83C408                       add       esp,008
009056: A880                         test      al,080 ;""
009058: 753C                         jne       000009096
00905A: 81042400080000               add       d,[esp],000000800
009061: FF442414                     inc       d,[esp][00014]
009065: 8044241808                   add       b,[esp][00018],008
00906A: 837C24141E                   cmp       d,[esp][00014],01E
00906F: 0F8642FFFFFF                 jbe       000008FB7
009075: FF442404                     inc       d,[esp][00004]
009079: 66FF44240A                   inc       w,[esp][0000A]
00907E: 817C2404FF000000             cmp       d,[esp][00004],0000000FF
009086: 0F8604FFFFFF                 jbe       000008F90
00908C: 31C0                         xor       eax,eax
00908E: 83C420                       add       esp,020 ;" "
009091: 5D                           pop       ebp
Change 1E to 1F at position 906Eh (36974 decimal) with your favourite disk editor, or use "poke": POKE.EXE NBI.NLM 36974 1F

For NetWare 3.1x:
NBI31X.NLM (V2.25, 1998 October 20 [98.10.20 16.08]), size 45581
007C73: 8B442408                     mov       eax,[esp][00008]
007C77: 0D00000080                   or        eax,080000000
007C7C: C744241400000000             mov       d,[esp][00014],000000000
007C84: 8944240C                     mov       [esp][0000C],eax
007C88: 8A442414                     mov       al,[esp][00014]
007C8C: C0E003                       shl       al,003
007C8F: C7042400000000               mov       d,[esp],000000000
007C96: 88442418                     mov       [esp][00018],al
007C9A: EB17                         jmps      000007CB3
007C9C: 81042400080000               add       d,[esp],000000800
007CA3: FF442414                     inc       d,[esp][00014]
007CA7: 8044241808                   add       b,[esp][00018],008
007CAC: 837C24141E                   cmp       d,[esp][00014],01E
007CB1: 77A9                         ja        000007C5C
007CB3: C744241000000000             mov       d,[esp][00010],000000000
007CBB: 8A442418                     mov       al,[esp][00018]
007CBF: 8B2C24                       mov       ebp,[esp]
007CC2: 31FF                         xor       edi,edi
007CC4: 8844241C                     mov       [esp][0001C],al
007CC8: EB11                         jmps      000007CDB
007CCA: FF442410                     inc       d,[esp][00010]
007CCE: 81C700010000                 add       edi,000000100
007CD4: 837C241007                   cmp       d,[esp][00010],007
Change 1E to 1F at position 7CB0h (31920 decimal) with your favourite disk editor, or use "poke": POKE.EXE NBI.NLM 31920 1F

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